Billy is the best in the business. He was able to get my personal finances and small online coaching business more organized and optimized. He might have done too good of a job :). I am now in the process of opening up my own fitness studio. I am not sure I would have been prepared or organized enough with the financial aspect on my own. Billy is an excellent coach and can’t recommend him enough. If you are reading this do yourself a favor and book a strategy call with him. You will not be disappointed.

I’ve been working with Billy for over 2 years now. I started because I WANTED to know more about money but I had a lot of fear. Not sure what percentages should be going where, lots of reactive spending instead of planning & really no plan for my own financial future besides “more clients more money problems solved” (which was creating lots of problems)

2 years later this is the most confident I’ve been when it comes to my finances. I look forward to reviewing my P&L and even mail from the IRS no longer scares me. I feel excited for my own financial future & bigger purchases are now saved/planned for in advance as opposed to as a reactionary thing!

Billy is more than a Coach, he is a friend, a caring person, a Mentor, someone that cheers and support you along the way, someone who find the way to simplify Money Concepts and help you not only to understand them but help you apply them, and keep you accountable along the way! With the Help of @William Hofacker aka Master (*BJJ) Fitness Money Coach I was able to pay off several of my credit cards from 12 total I’m down to the last 4!

Also I’ve been able to have at least 3 months of emergency money for both my business, and personal!!! (*Giving me a huge peace of mind), and most importantly is helping to eliminate my limited beliefs about money, and create a plan of action that surely will help to become financially free, then Financially wealthy then ultimate goal Rich in financial , experiences and mindset. Thanks Billy for you Guidance, Mentorship, support, friendship and sharing your knowledge and passion with us!

Billy helped me get my finances in order. After being a sloppy business owner for so many years, it’s great to finally feel in control of where I’m at financially. Highly recommend!

I have always been nervous of money and budgeting. Thankfully I met Billy with Your Fitness Money Coach and he has helped me with my confidence in better handling and forecasting my finances. I appreciate the speed that he teaches, step by step process that he has implement is a game changer.

Your Fitness Money Coach is the real deal. They have helped me with my spending habits, planning for the future, and just being a great resource for building my wealth. The consistency, encouragement, and accountability is top notch and has helped me be a more successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Highly recommended Billy’s coaching! If you’re a person who uses money to pay for things, then you could benefit from scheduling a call with Billy.