Team Value Journey

You’ll often hear marketers talk about the Customer Value Journey. I recently heard Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer discuss this. He spoke about providing value to customers every step of the way. Everything from the first FB post someone sees to when you actually start providing a service for them.

Something equally important and much less focused on is your Team Value Journey.

For me, a big part of my fulfillment comes from being on the journey with a team I truly care about. If I focus only on getting bigger, I’m missing the boat.

One of our jobs as business owners is constantly striving to be the best place to work.

If we do this well then results will follow. I’m at a point where I have team members who have way more contact with some of our clients than I do. In fact, we have clients I’ve never met. With 3 small kids, you won’t find me at the gym at 9PM. As our business grows, we get further away from it. That’s the nature of the beast. If I’m not constantly striving to create value for my team, I’ll have disengaged team members who won’t take care of our clients or be able to effectively communicate what we are about to prospects.

Here are some of the top ways to add value to your team:

·Be human – Should be obvious right? If you have a hard driving personality like me, this isn’t always easy. It’s not necessarily in my nature to ask someone how their sick dog is doing but to the right team member this goes a long way.

·Compensation – This is the most obvious. While praise is certainly appreciated, it doesn’t pay the bills.

·Bennies – It’s not always about the salary. Some may value PTO, retirement plans, and health packages even more.

·Growth Atmosphere – All people have a desire to get better – To be challenged and to reach greater potential! You facilitating this will go a long way.

Events – Just like our clients love community, so does our team. Our Christmas parties are becoming something everyone looks forward to.

·Crusading – As leaders, we need to constantly preaching our mission to our team. I’m not talking about some stuffy mission statement that hangs on a wall but doesn’t get used. I’m talking about what your business does – the lives it impacts. People want to be a part of something special. They want to be involved in a great cause. This is especially true of millennials. It’s our job to constantly remind our team why we do what we do,

This is not an exhaustive list. What things do you do to make sure you are providing value for your team? Which on my list do you connect with the most?

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