Your Financial Pattern

This podcast is all about your financial pattern and transforming limiting beliefs. Tune in to discover how to shift your money mindset and achieve financial freedom. You won’t want to miss this!

The 8th Wonder of The World

Discover how to get compound interest working for you, not against you. In this episode, we’ll discuss practical strategies to eliminate debt, revealing how you can stop paying interest and start earning it. We’ll emphasize the importance of saving for the future, highlighting how taking action now can secure your financial freedom later.

How to Make Hiring Your Competitive Advantage

Join us on the show with Sebastian Gast, owner of www.barbelljobs.com, as we explore the power of teamwork in achieving greatness. Gym owners often face burnout from trying to do everything themselves. Sebastian, with his experience in gym ownership and running Barbelljobs.com, shares essential tips for hiring and retaining talent.

How to Read a Financial Statement Part 3 (Balance Sheet)

In part 3, we’re focusing on the balance sheet, one of the three key financial documents. It’s like your business’s report card, showing if you’re in good shape financially. We’ll break down what it means to have a positive net worth and why it’s essential. Plus, we’ll talk about short-term cash and long-term debt – things you need to keep an eye on to stay out of trouble.

How to Read a Financial Statement Part 2 (Profit Margin)

In part 2 of our series, we explain profit margin for fitness pros, why it’s important, how to calculate it, nuances for the fitness industry, and tips to increase it without chasing more clients.

How to Read a Financial Statement Part 1 (P&L)

Join us on a three-part adventure into understanding financial statements, starting with the big one: the P&L, or income statement. This report tells you how much money your business made, spent, gained, and lost in a specific time, like three months. We’ll break it down in easy-to-understand terms in this quick episode.

How to Build a Fitness Business Unicorn - An Interview with Mark Fisher

Tap into the entrepreneurial expertise of Mark in today’s podcast episode! From visionary strategies to actionable steps, this episode is filled with gems for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.

Behind on Finances? Don’t Do This?

Join us as we share personal stories and practical tips to overcome financial setbacks and pave the way for a brighter future. From rebuilding savings to making smart investments, we’ve got you covered.

From the Bottom to the Top - An Interview with Aaron Hines

Discover Aaron’s incredible journey from gym owner to financial freedom in our new podcast series, “From the Bottom to the Top”. Hear how he went from making just a few hundred dollars a month to taking home a healthy income. 

The 4 Day Work Week - An Interview with Charles Alexander

Discover the two key steps to slash at least four hours from your work week without sacrificing income, learn how to identify your high-value tasks, and gain valuable tips to avoid the trap of the “hustle and grind” mindset.

Think Like An Investor

Inspired by real-life experiences and the timeless wisdom of Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited,” we invite you on a journey from technician to visionary leader. Explore the importance of creating scalable systems, prioritizing long-term gains, and adopting the mindset of successful investors.

A Simple Formula for Determining Your Rate

In this episode, we’ll cover essential questions such as determining the common rate in your area, understanding your worth, setting your desired rate, and effectively justifying your pricing.

What to Focus on at Each Stage of Income

Contrary to common belief, building wealth isn’t reserved for those with big incomes – it starts much sooner. As Stephen Covey wisely advises, “Start with the end in mind.” In this eye-opening episode, we debunk the myth that wealth-building is income-dependent and provide actionable strategies for individuals at every income level.

Millionaire Gym Owner - An Interview with Chris Cooper

Be inspired and equipped with practical ideas to accelerate your financial journey. Discover key insights, including the four areas to invest in, surprising statistics on gym owner salaries, Chris’ top habit for success, and the crucial factors to reach the next level. Plus, learn about the three essential skills to boost your income. 

Busting Pricing Myths - An Interview with Seran Glanfield

Get ready for an insightful conversation on boutique fitness studios with Seran Glanfield and uncover best practices for fitness business owners to cultivate a thriving and fulfilling business.