Money Mindset (Part 3)

I recently posted a Part I as well as a Part II and today I bring you the final installment.

Step # 3 in developing the proper money mindset is to be a giver.

One of the first things my wife and I did when we found ourselves drowning in debt was to start giving more.

Not being giving didn’t get us very far so we decided to try something different.

While we may have been able to keep what we had by keeping our fists tight (actually we didn’t), we also weren’t in a position to receive more.

Not only did we become intentional about giving financially but we started giving more by:

  • Being generous with our words
  • Smiling more
  • Serving others
  • Being outwardly focused

The more I’ve studied wealthy and successful people over the years, the more I realize how giving they actually are.

It’s not like what you see in the movies where the successful business person is full of greed. Of course that happens but those are the outliers.

There is absolutely a correlation between the amount people give and the amount they earn. It doesn’t seem to make mathematical sense but it’s true. They don’t give to get more. That is simply a by-product.

Becoming more of a giver is probably not the advice most people expect when it comes to becoming more successful but it’s one of the most effective things you can do because nobody gets more out of giving then the giver!

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