It All Adds Up

I remember playing high school basketball. I can’t believe that was almost 25 years ago!

I had a goal of scoring 20 points per game. I wish I could say I had a defensive goal or an assists goal but I guess I had a lot to learn at that point. Humility wasn’t my strong suit.

It seemed almost unreachable until my coach sat me down and said something like this:

Most guys have it all wrong and they think only about the big goal. 20 points every game seems overwhelming. But if you think about it, that’s only 5 points a quarter. 1 put back (scoring after a rebound), 1 free throw, and 1 regular shot and you’re there. Anything after that is gravy.

It’s the same thing with finances and business.

Here are a couple of examples.

Let’s say 30% of your leads book appointments.

What would happen if you could increase that to 40%? For most people, it would be a dramatic change over time. If you have a strong close rate, that 10% increase in conversion is hyoooooooge.

That wouldn’t even be that hard. A little extra follow up and/or a little more dialed in marketing plan.

Let’s say you’ve found it challenging to pay yourself or save for the long term.

What would happen if you saved just 1% of your revenue?

It might not seem like much but it adds up over time.

More importantly, it causes your identity to change. You go from someone who couldn’t save money to someone who puts aside money every month.

Your confidence dramatically improves and you begin saving more over time.

One day you look up and are sitting on a big pile of money and it all started with that decision to save just 1% which anyone can do.

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