How to Get The Most Out Of Fitness Conferences

First, you should be attending some live events as soon as possible. I’d suggest striving for 2 per year minimum. 

Here’s why. When you attend a live event:

  • You are primed to learn. There’s something about getting above your business and learning ways to work on it rather than constantly in it. 
  • You meet like minded people. I’ve gotten more out of the people I’Ve met at events than the events themselves.
  • You get inspired. Much of our lack of growth comes from a lack of confidence. If you can double your confidence (and maintain humility), you can double your income. Being around other people doing bigger things helps you to see what’s possible. 

Now that I shared some of the reasons why you should be attending live events, here are some things to keep in mind when you do. 

  • Be present. There is always someone at a live event who is constantly on her computer or phone and completely misses the experience. Take a break from everything else (as much as possible) and be in the moment. 
  • Have a goal. Have a goal of 1-3 things you want to learn to improve yourself or your business. 
  • Take immediate action. Learning without action is pointless. Decide what the most important to-do for you is and make it happen. 
  • Connect. Connect with at least 3 people. Be interested in them and what they do. You never know where a connection will lead. 
  • Talk to a presenter. I’ve developed amazing relationships with presenters as a result of going up to them after a talk. Many people are nervous talking to presenters but as a speaker myself, nothing excites me more than someone coming up to me, introducing themselves, and asking me about the content. 

I hope this helps you commit to attending some live events and get more out of the ones you go to. 

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