How Good Can You Be In This Business?

I was recently at the Perform Better Summit in Providence andThomas Plummer gave a took with that title.

It was really inspiring. I’ll share some of the main points.

He talked about our purpose being to serve people, to help them be better.

I couldn’t agree more with that. The good thing about our industry is that most people got into it to serve.

If we focus on making money, we’ll give up when things get tough. However, if we’re focused on the bigger vision of helping people, not only will the money follow but we’ll persevere.

He talked about the fact that we all have dark days and that the only difference between the people that make it big and those that don’t is internal.

The people who reach high levels of success are laser focused on what they want to accomplish. He described them as having an obsession to push their limits without any outside influence. In other words, it comes from within.

My biggest takeaway was probably this.

He told a story about someone he knows that died unexpectedly at age 32.

Many people act like they have forever. The truth is we never know when our time will be up.

For that reason, we should live for today and be present.

Our past does NOT have to equal our future.

Very few people take personal responsibility for their lives.

OK this part is from me.

I think we all struggle to a certain extent in some areas with blaming others or not taking responsibility.

We blame:

  • Our spouses
  • Our kids
  • Our parents
  • Our upbringing
  • Our health
  • Our age
  • Our boss
  • Our clients
  • The economy
  • The competition
  • Out co-workers

The list goes on and on.

What area do you feel like you need to take personal responsibility for?

Shifting responsibility seems to help in the short term but will really limit your growth in the long-term.

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