Focus on singles and doubles

I’ve been in business long enough now to have seen a few trends come and go.

I remember being a Groupon “Deal of the Day” when that was a thing.

We sold 427 trial memberships in one day. Can you imagine?

We still have clients and even team members who we met through that original Groupon deal.

The next thing that comes to mind was marketing challenges through Facebook.

We were absolutely crushing it in that area a few years ago.

Believe it or not, we still do Groupons (very limited) and run FB ads for different programs and challenges.

They are both nowhere near where they used to be.

While it’s really cool to be able to take advantage of these kinds of things when they’re hot, I also see a disadvantage. They cause complacency. It happened with me.

What I’ve learned is what I want to share with you today.

Yes, take advantage of opportunities that present themselves but focus more on singles and doubles.

The key is consistency. If you really want to reach your potential, you need to produce every week. Every other week just won’t cut it.

While these things may not bring in a ton of new leads or clients, these are the kinds of things we’ve gone back to.

  • Community events – We recently did one and got 44 leads and are already scheduling appointments for people to come in.
  • Local talks – I’ve rarely done one and not gotten at least one member as a result.
  • Local business offers – Connecting and making different offers
  • Reaching out to past members – Whatever it takes to get them back in.
  • Referral stimulation – Contests, incentives, etc.

What else are you doing to get more people into your facility?

I believe it’s the training facilities that are willing to get out from behind their computers to truly connect with people that will win.

People are craving human connection and no other option (e.g. franchises) can do that like we can.

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