Closing the Gap

We all have a gap between where we are and where we’d like to be.

There are 2 ways to approach this gap. One works and one doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the first way is the one that doesn’t work and most people try.

It’s committing to something and trying really hard.

It’s your client who makes a New Years resolution, sticks with it for about 3-6 weeks, and then gives up.

Or it’s the gym owner who doesn’t pay herself a salary and tells herself that once she has enough revenue she will.

The problem with this approach is that we are trying really hard but we’re still the same person.

I know you’ve heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

According to science, this system is called “closed chain.” Over time, things will break down with this system.

What we need is an “open chain” system.

Improvement will not occur by trying the same things with more will power.

It comes with new energy and new information.

One of the ways we can get new energy is from the right people.

Here is a case in point. In highschool I was on 2 basketball teams. I was the captain of my highschool team and I was also on a very high level AAU team. I had the opportunity to play with and against some of the best players in the country (e.g. Lamar Odom).

My highschool coach didn’t understand the value of bringing positivity to the environment and so I was always on edge. For that reason, I didn’t play so well.

On the other hand, my AAU coach was very positive. In that environment I thrived and have carried some of the lessons I learned with me until this day.

How is your environment? How might you get some positive energy (i.e. fuel) so you can have confidence on your journey to new heights?

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