Changing Your Money Mindset

Transformation in any area can be difficult for people.

For some reason, financial transformation can be the most challenging.

I’ve seen people that have transformed their body and even their
personal income but the reality is they are broke financially. This is the
case for people we know and have even seen speak from a stage.

There are lots of reasons for this but one of them is because so many
emotions and limited beliefs are associated with money. Many people
have been taught the following things (directly or indirectly) since they
were very little and are hard to shake:

Becoming wealthy is too hard
Only jerks get ahead
Money is the root of all evil
I don’t deserve to be wealthy
I’m not good enough
Money isn’t important
Money is the most important thing

At the end of the day, like all transformation there needs to be a shift in
beliefs and identity. If you see yourself as a person who struggles
financially, you always will. Even if you start turning the corner, you’ll
find a way to sabotage yourself.

It’s the same as your client who perceives herself as “fat.” Even if she gets off to a great start, she’ll find a way to “fall off the wagon.” A minor
injury. Travel. A busy season.

Where most people go wrong is they don’t pay enough attention to their
beliefs or identity.

I know this is true because I struggle with it myself. I’ve made a major
financial transformation and I still find myself dealing with “stinkin
thinkin”. Things like, “Well I guess this is all I can accomplish.” I have to
catch myself and say, ‘Screw that. Look how far I’ve come. My future is inno way limited.”

The current financial identity of most people is so ineffective and has
been for so long. It will take a lot of work. Most people aren’t willing to
put that kind of effort in. They’d rather just focus on the next marketing
strategy. I’ll tell you right now that if you don’t believe in a better version of yourself, no marketing strategy will help. Just like the overweight
client, you’ll find away to take a step backward.

So what do you do? While I can expound on this at a different time, here’s a start.
Get a money mentor – Hang around someone who has been where
you are or is doing about 20-25% better than you in the financial arena. It will rub off on you and their normal will become yours. If you think you
don’t need this, I’d challenge you to look at your financial situation and
your level of happiness with it. Do you still think you don’t need one? If
so, fantastic! I’d be willing to bet, over 90% of people aren’t
Take massive action – Stop living like everyone else who is broke and unfulfilled. Decide right now that you’ll make a major shift. You’ll stop
spending money you don’t have, you’ll stop wasting time in areas that
aren’t your strengths, and you’ll get on a plan.
You’ll start having family meetings – It wasn’t until I got on the same financial page as my wife that we started to see progress. If you’re
married and don’t discuss plans and goals with your spouse, you will
NOT reach your potential as an individual or couple. These conversations can be tough at first but not having them will lead to trouble. We all
know that most marital problems stem from money. If your single, have
conversations with a friend or even yourself.:)

Here’s my challenge to you. Pick one of these things and begin to
implement or improve it.

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