5 Traits of Wealthy Fit Pros

Does “wealthy” and “fit pro” seem to not fit together?

If you asked the average person, they probably wouldn’t associate financial success with fitness pros.

Lawyers and medical professionals maybe but probably not personal trainers and strength coaches.

I used to believe that you can either pursue your passion OR achieve financial freedom but not both.

I realized this was a limiting belief.

I’m going to share 5 traits of wealthy fit pros that you can implement today.

The first one is the simplest but takes the most discipline. It’s saving for the long term each month.

If you were to save just $100 per month (anyone can do that) from the time you started working until the age of retirement, at a return of 10%, you’d be a millionaire. However, it goes beyond than that. The character developed by being disciplined (no matter what) to save each month does much more. So whether you’re 23 or 53, start saving each and every month NOW.

The second trait has to do with clarity of purpose and vision. Zig Ziglar used to say that if you don’t have a target, you’ll hit it every time. Where do you want to go financially and professionally? How much to you want to earn or save. What will you do with it?

Next, wealthy fit pros are gritty. What gritty means to me is that they never give up. I was reminded of the importance of this recently. I was dealing with some challenges and quite honestly, I felt like giving up. Once my pity party was over, I remembered that I was driving the car. I decided my intention, effort, and heart. Success is not a straight line. Ask anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile, including your-self. There were bumps and bruises along the way. To quote the great Rocky, “It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward?”

The 4th trait of Wealthy Fit Pros is that they learn how to become resourceful. Many people think wealthy or successful people have some advantages others don’t. It’s simply not true. In fact, as of 2012, 70% of millionaires are self made. It has more to do with mindset and work ethic than anything else. Part of that is being resourceful. When they have a problem they do things like:

•Look for the opportunity
•Ask mentors and coaches what they’ve done in similar situations
•Pull out a notebook and list 20 things they can do to solve a problem

Using these methods and others, they become resourceful in ways that help them grow forward.

The final trait of wealthy fit pros is something I’m working on myself. That’s becoming a more self aware and effective leader.

We’re all leaders. Even if you don’t yet have a team, you’re leading yourself. It all starts there.

One of my mentors (Pete Scazerro) says that you can’t give what you don’t possess. If we have unresolved issues and are distracted, we can possibly be there to support and encourage others.

Leadership is no joke. A lot is at stake so own it and decide right now that you’ll commit to being the best one you can!

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