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How to Build a Fitness Business Unicorn

How to Build a Fitness Business Unicorn

When I say “Fitness Business Unicorn,” I’m talking about a fitness business that is highly desirable yet difficult to attain.

Mark Fisher brings a wealth of experience not only building a Fitness Business Unicorn (Mark Fisher Fitness) himself but also helping other fitness businesses do the same. Many (all) of those businesses don’t have the same ingredients (e.g. being in Manhattan).

My point in saying that is although MFF is undeniably unique, we can all learn to implement the same solid principles in our business regardless of the location, target client, etc.

This value-packed conversation is a master class for gym owners who want to go from a lack of money and the less-than-ideal schedule that the industry is known for to more leads, amazing clients, and more income.

Applying the concepts we discuss here is guaranteed to bring in all the leads you’ll ever need. The best part is it’s all simple, low-hanging fruit that anyone can do regardless of financial situation.

There is also much more as it relates to mindset and personal development. This is where the real juice is! Can’t wait for you to listen!

Listen to this episode, apply what you learn, and teach it to others. By the way, be sure to connect with me on Instagram!

Learn more about Mark’s Business Mastermind here.

Listen and grow!

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