“I am a 24 year old certified personal trainer with a college degree. I studied health and wellness in school and was determined to help people change their lives through fitness and nutrition. I was looking forward to finishing school and pursuing a career in the field that I love, but did not realize what it truly meant to be an “Adult.” I had bills, student loans, car insurance and did not know how to manage my money. Billy Hofacker taught me there is a better way to budget your money.

After a little over a year, I am 3 only payments away from owning my own 2017 Honda Civic, I have paid over $5,000 of student loans, and managed to save some extra money on the side. The strategies and ideas Billy has instilled have impacted my life greatly and I will continue to use them as I grow and become more successful.”

KC Reilly, Fitness Finance Assessment User

“Working with Billy transformed not only my business but my life! …Billy is a wonderful mentor and coach who combines positive encouragement with just the right amount of tough love. My business would, without a doubt, not be where it is today if I had not made the decision to do coaching with Billy.”

Melanie Ash, Fitness Finance Assessment User

Find out exactly where you fall in the following areas:

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Quality of Your Spending Plan

  • Finances and Your Marriage or Singleness

  • Debt

  • How Well you Could Handle an “Unexpected” Financial Event

  • Enjoyment on Your Financial Journey