Are You Nervous?

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Are You Nervous?

Are You Nervous?

Today’s episode was recorded the day before my Perfrom Better debut in Orlando, FL. 

Multiple times per day, I was asked, “Are you nervous?”

Reflecting on that question, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts. 

While it was helpful for me to do so, the real reason is that I believe the way I see it could be useful to you. 

While you may or may not have aspirations to speak on your feet, we all have to get uncomfortable if we want to get better. There is no way around that one. 

We might as well embrace it since not growing is unacceptable!

While it’s true that growth and comfort can’t co-exist, there is a way to go about it that is useful and less overwhelming. 

Listen to this episode, apply what you learn, and teach it to others. By the way, be sure to connect with me on Instagram!

Listen and grow!

Your Financial Coach,


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