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Too many health professionals “think” their positions are providing them with a solid future and a great return. Yet, without ever seeing the writing on the wall, far too many of them – smart, hard-working people just like you, end up frustrated and struggling to make ends meet.

Do you have nagging doubts about your financial planning and what that truly means?

Are you uncertain if you’d be ready for difficult times or unexpected threats?

Are you truly convinced you have a solid plan in place to build long-term security?

Are you struggling month after month and can’t seem to pinpoint where things are going wrong?

There are LOTS of ways you can find yourself in financial trouble. Many of which you may not be aware of.

If any of this concerns you – and it probably should – I beg you to read this information.

You may have become a health professional so you could bring your unique skill set to waiting clients, all while building financial independence…maybe even be your own boss.

The problem is, things may not be moving forward as rapidly as you thought they would…or worse, you don’t see the danger coming at all!

This scenario happens more often than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re a business owner, you need to be aware that according to the Small Business Association, 50% of all businesses close within the first 5 years…is that your 5 year plan?

I hope not…

How many of those businesses believed they would be in that 50% when they first opened?

Even more frightening, nearly 46% of businesses that close in the first two years do so for the following reasons:

  • No knowledge of pricing

  • Lack of planning

  • No knowledge of financing

  • No experience in record keeping

All preventable conditions!

If you’re a health professional and don’t own your own business, there are an entire additional set of numbers you need to be watching…

Are you saving at least 10% of your take home pay for the long-term?

Are you contributing to a “rainy day” fund? Do you even have one?

What percentage of your take home pay do your housing payments take up?

What’s your plan for paying for your kid’s college?

What does your personal “balance sheet” look like? Are you fully aware what your assets and liabilities add up to?

You would be alarmed how many people are dangerously unaware of their situation…

If you have ever read the book “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber, you know what I’m talking about. In short, many hold positions where they are the “technicians” – individuals well-versed in their area of expertise: fitness trainers, gym owners, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.

The problem is, these folks are technical experts, not business experts.  When left unchecked, this approach can lead to a failure that can haunt these people for years…or longer.

Does being “busy” equal financial


Does paying your bills every month mean you’re doing well?


Does a steady stream of new clients assure your cash flow?


Does having cash left over at the end of the month equal profit?

Definitely not.

Far too many health professionals struggle month after month and even year after year to build up a solid financial future.  And many of them actually believe things are going pretty smoothly…until they aren’t.

It’s time to find out if you’re actually making real-world financial progress or simply living on a hamster wheel that’s ready to collapse…along with your reputation and financial security.

If you are a health professional, a fitness trainer or similar small business owner, NOT having a truly accurate and honest assessment of your finances can spell disaster!

And more often than not, the signs of trouble were there all along, but were misread or misunderstood.

In fact, some poor decisions can spell doom from the start and you may never even be aware of it!

My name is Billy Hofacker.  I was “that business guy”…

…running a fitness business and believing that things were going along “okay”. I knew I wasn’t raking in the cash, but I figured things were just fine and would always improve.

Until I was woken up one day by the repo guy taking my car away.

End of delusion.

What I didn’t know about financial planning was about to cost me everything…

Talk about a wakeup call!

My wife and I were forced to sit down and stare reality in the face.

All along I had been that cliché trainer who “sorta” looked at the numbers. But like a lot of entrepreneurs, I wasn’t a ‘business guy” and didn’t like spending time wading through bank statements, cash flow reports, or any of the traditional measurements I should’ve known by heart.

And it cost us dearly…

Surviving would require a complete overhaul of what we were doing, how we were living and how I ran my business.

We both had to get out of our comfort zone and learn a lot more about finance, cash flow, investing and saving, etc. All of it.

And it worked.

Today my business is thriving.

Our retirement funds are fully funded.

The college funds are in place.

And all the fears that hung over our future have disappeared!

The deeper I got into it, the more I realized that until I was able to consistently achieve a very specific list of objectives, I was simply kidding myself.

It was a hobby. No more than wishful thinking.

And “wishful thinking” is NOT a viable business plan!

After we put a true financial plan together, the next smartest thing I did was to document every step of our journey.  “Financial Freedom For Health and Fitness Professionals” is the result.

This program is not about how to make you a better health professional or help you climb the ladder…although that may be one result.

No. Rather, this is step-by-step how we went from struggling health pro to financially free…from “repo to redeemed”, if you will…

It’s all about you and improving your personal finances.

I’m on a mission to make sure none of my colleagues have to go through what my family endured.

Here is how we’ll do this together.

We’ll take a deep dive into every topic you need to be well versed in so you can live the life you envisioned when you started out.

  • Creating a vision – Where do you REALLY want to go?

  • Creating a Spending Plan – This is where the rubber meets the road and your bank account grows!

  • The Debt Snowball – How to reign in debt that can appear to be out of control.

  • Rewarding Yourself – How to celebrate the small wins!

There’s an entire Bonus Section that directly impacts you and your family…

  • Money and Kids

  • Staying Organized

  • Making Financial Decisions

  • Getting Your Mind Right

  • Money Through the Ages

  • “Strengthening the Pump”

  • Insurance

  • Answering Common Objections

  • Powerful Lessons

  • Money and Family

  • Bargaining Basics

  • Wills & Insurance

In all, there are over 35 videos presenting you with a “Financial Primer” on everything you should know about putting a monetary plan in place that is designed to serve the financial needs of you and your family now and in the future…without having to go to business school.

The next logical question is this:

How is this life-changing information going to be delivered?

Well, I can confirm the most important part…

Unlike the majority of solutions out there, I have NO intention of giving you access to this product and leaving you on your own.

The consequences are too severe.

Instead, I created an interactive program that will allow me to address your unique situation.


Here is how it’s broken out:

  • This is an online program that you do at your own pace

  • You’ll have “full access” to my help with every step

  • There are weekly lesson plans, and a Step-by-Step Guide

  • All the bonus videos are included

  • You’ll benefit from having a step by step plan to keep you on track

This type of program should be MANDATORY for everyone on the “technician” side of the working world.

“Working with Billy transformed not only my business but my life! …Billy is a wonderful mentor and coach who combines positive encouragement with just the right amount of tough love. My business would, without a doubt, not be where it is today if I had not made the decision to do coaching with Billy.”

- Melanie Ash

“I am a 24 year old certified personal trainer with a college degree. I studied health and wellness in school and was determined to help people change their lives through fitness and nutrition. I was looking forward to finishing school and pursuing a career in the field that I love, but did not realize what it truly meant to be an “Adult.” I had bills, student loans, car insurance and did not know how to manage my money.

Billy Hofacker taught me there is a better way to budget your money.
After a little over a year, I am 3 only payments away from owning my own 2017 Honda Civic, I have paid over $5,000 of student loans, and managed to save some extra money on the side. The strategies and ideas Billy has instilled have impacted my life greatly and I will continue to use them as I grow and become more successful.”

- KC Reilly

The world of business and finance lends itself to a lot of clichés…and in many cases, they’re painfully accurate.

“Death by a thousand cuts…”

The proverbial frog in sitting in water that slowly boils…killing the frog.

I’m sure you’re familiar with many of them.

This program is how you DON’T become a cliché.

Hey, if you have everything dialed in with your savings account bursting at the seams, your retirement planning on track and you’re able to live your life on your terms, then maybe this program is not for you.

My hat’s off to you! You are in the minority unfortunately.


If you realize it’s time to get off the financial roller coaster and have some real-world planning in place, then let’s get started!

ONLY $497…NOW $97

ONLY $47

For a limited time, when you enroll in my 8-week course at a significant discount, you’ll also receive an exclusive Implementation Call. During this call, you’ll receive a tailored strategy designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals.

It’s time to make certain you, your business, and your family are on solid ground.  As I learned the hard way, there is just too much at stake…

Committed to your financial freedom,

Billy Hofacker

P.S. If you want to be 100% certain your personal planning is on sound financial ground, this product will confirm…or deny the truth.

If you’re still unsure, let me do this…

“If you go through this entire program and DON’T find at least one action item that can contribute to your bottom line or improve your personal financial planning, I have missed my mark and will refund your entire investment.”

After all, this is a money-based product and MUST prove its value! I know it will…

If you have any doubt at all about the stability of your financial planning, it’s time to take an honest look at where you’re headed…before you get that knock on your door.

ONLY $497…NOW $97

ONLY $47

For a limited time, when you enroll in my 8-week course at a significant discount, you’ll also receive an exclusive Implementation Call. During this call, you’ll receive a tailored strategy designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals.

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